How does the Solar Cost Savings Calculator work?

The costs savings calculator is powered by a database of rate tariffs and time of use calculations powered by Genability. Genability specializes in crunching numbers in the renewable energy industry. When looking at finances, they’ve become a trusted source for major solar companies and organizations. The calculator is available for projects in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and South Korea.

The most effective inputs include ideally twelve months of utility usage data. The calculator can make an educated guess on annual usage with only one month of data, but the more real data is has the more accurate the overall estimate will be.  For most accurate, hourly energy data can up uploaded to the calculator.

The most accurate cost savings will come from using the actual rate structure provided by the software rather than an averaged cost per kwh. Unless you are on a flat rate structure or aren’t able to identify your rate structure, cost per kwh can’t capture variance in energy cost based on time of year, time of day or volume of use. By selecting a rate structure, all of those variances are accounted for in your savings, producing a much more accurate estimate.

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    Duey Babara

    Can’t save report. Tex format is only aviable

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