1.5 Edit All Drawing Properties

This video shows you how to edit all drawing properties, not just the ones displayed in the PVCAD sidebar.


You can edit drawing properties from anywhere in your current drawing. Start by following the steps below:

1) type 'DWGPROPS' and hit enter on your keyboard

2) A window will pop up with some tabs along the top. Select the 'Custom' tab to access all of PVCAD's custom drawing properties.

3) You'll see that some of them are displayed here as well as in the PVCAD side bar. As you scroll down, there are more properties which you can update, i.e. Revisions, Total System Size, Total Sheets in your drawing set, etc.

4) Once you type in the information that you want in the extra fields, select 'OK' at the bottom of the screen.

5) To apply these fields to all pages of your set, type 'REGEN'. Now all properties have been set across all pages in your current project.

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