1.3 Docking & Autohide PVCAD Sidebar

This video demonstrates how you can dock and autohide the PVCAD sidebar.


When you begin a new project, you will notice that the PVCAD sidebar is actually floating within your 'Model' space. The cursor can at this point go behind this window and it can be quite difficult to see everything.

Start by clicking and dragging the dark gray bar to the side of the screen that you want to sidebar docked to. Once you drag the window close enough to a particular side, you will see it dock. A dark gray line demonstrates what the proposed docked window size will be.

When you release your click, the screen will adjust having docked your PVCAD sidebar to the window. Now, your 'Model' space isn't hidden behind part of the sidebar.

To create even more space, you can select the autohide button on the upper right side of the sidebar just below the 'X'.

Now, this window will completely disappear until you hover over it again with your mouse. This creates the most amount of workspace for your project and only displays the PVCAD sidebar when you wish.

To have it show up all the time, simply re-click the autohide button.


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