1.1 Installing AutoCAD & PVCAD Plug In


This video describes how to install AutoCAD, setup your AutoDesk 360 account, and install your PVCAD software. Once you've installed your software according to this video, you'll be ready for 1.2 Start a New Project.


Topics Covered

1) Things You Will Need

2) Adding PVCAD templates to AutoCAD

Locate the PVCAD templates located in:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\PVComplete2015.bundle\Contents\Support\Templates

Copy the 3 template files by highlighting them, 'right-click' and select 'copy'. Navigate back to AutoCAD and start a new drawing. A window will pop up asking which drawing template you want to use. 'Right-click' in the white space in this area and paste your PVCAD templates here.

Then select the template you would like to use, either Imperial 11x17, Imperial ARCH D (24x36) or Metric 11x17.


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    Not able to install PVComplete please help me out

    Arun Jyoti


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