1.2 Start a New Project

 This video describes how to begin a new solar project.


Topics Covered

1) Open and start AutoCAD & PVCAD.

Open up AutoCAD from the Windows icon and navigating to your Apps location. Find AutoCAD under the AutoDesk folder to begin. There is not app icon for PVCAD as it's built into AutoCAD.

2) Choose your PVCAD Template.

PVCAD comes with 3 basic templates for you to design your system; Imperial 11x17, Metric 11x17, and Metric 24x36.

3) Enter your projects basic properties like Customer Name, Address, etc.

The PVCAD help window will be located on the right-hand side of your screen. The first tab on the top 'Project' has a whole list of fields to describe your project. Fill in as much of this information as you can. Once these fields are filled in, anytime you 'regen' your drawing, these fields will automatically update in the title blocks of your 'Paper Space' pages. 

4) Navigate through AutoCAD's new imagery portal to import a site map of your project. (Only AutoCAD 2016 and newer)

Click 'Set Location' at the bottom of your 'Project' tab in the PVCAD Window. Type in your projects location, either with an address or GPS coordinates. Once you find your location, set your pin, select your coordinate system, and import the imagery.

Toggle the imagery on/off in the 'GeoLocation' tab in the AutoCAD ribbon.

5) Set the 'North' direction for your project.

Set the North direction to be 'up' towards the top of your screen. This is the 0° azimuth direction.

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