Unable To Run PVCAD (with CAD included)

 These are help tips for PVCAD with CAD included, not PVCAD Plug in.

If you get the error message that is shown below, it means that the current installation of the .NET Framework is not allowing PVCAD to run. Please follow the steps below to allow you to run PVCAD.



Step 1:


Uninstall PVCAD Desktop from your machine.

Step 2:

1) Download and install the .NET 4.7.1 installation wizard:

.NET 4.7.1 Update 

Step 3:

Once the .NET 4.7.1 framework has been installed, re-install the PVCAD software using the downloaded zip file located here:

Latest PVCAD Version


This should fix the error message and you should be able to run PVCAD.

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